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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Guy  Abt 1887IL, USA I120335
2 Arnold, Charles William Sr  9 Aug 1902IL, USA I073205
3 Arnold, Mary Elizabeth  14 Oct 1898IL, USA I137173
4 Ayers, Mary Agnes  2 Sep 1849IL, USA I074471
5 Barrett, Alfred  Jul 1846IL, USA I138473
6 Biggerstaff, Mary L  Abt 1847IL, USA I053459
7 Charlebois, Ferdinand Richard  3 Dec 1909IL, USA I111377
8 Cook, Oscar Alexander  16 Feb 1876IL, USA I054779
9 Cote, M.S.   I056166
10 Gougeon, A.M.   I055505
11 Hager, Henry A  Abt 1876IL, USA I110829
12 Hayes, Annie  Abt 1867IL, USA I113593
13 Jacobs, Louise  24 Sep 1866IL, USA I000751
14 Keiser, Fred J  Oct 1865IL, USA I131188
15 Kimball, Stella  Abt 1881IL, USA I000780
16 Kirwin, Alexander James  Abt 1910IL, USA I053603
17 Mathews, Bessie A  Feb 1876IL, USA I068996
18 Mathews, Charles E  Abt 1871IL, USA I115095
19 Mathews, Lottie A  Abt 1867IL, USA I115094
20 Mathews, Mary J  Abt 1874IL, USA I115096
21 Mathews, Thomas A  Abt 1879IL, USA I115097
22 McGahey, Gertrude Irene  14 Jul 1884IL, USA I110609
23 McGahey, William Henry  IL, USA I139621
24 Merkle, Barbara  7 Nov 1919IL, USA I082387
25 Minor, John O  Feb 1837IL, USA I009573
26 Mortimore, Hazel Adehl  2 Sep 1903IL, USA I128773
27 Porter, Robert Knight  Between 1875 and 1879IL, USA I085428
28 Posselt, Henry Lawrence  11 Dec 1884IL, USA I134594
29 Rheault, A.J.   I112281
30 Sultzbaugh, Phoebe  1876IL, USA I115749
31 Unknown, Ida Frances  Oct 1873IL, USA I085485
32 Unknown, Marion  Abt 1895IL, USA I131094
33 Unknown, Mary  Abt 1860IL, USA I130046
34 Unknown, May  Abt 1891IL, USA I115102
35 Unknown, P.I.   I115327
36 Wallace, E.M.   I115103
37 Wallace, Florence J  Abt 1871IL, USA I110828
38 Wallace, L.   I115104
39 Wight, Dorothy  Abt 1895IL, USA I113594
40 Wood, Granger  IL, USA I027357
41 Worley, Mary E  Abt 1854IL, USA I068932


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Monnette / Van Able  31 Mar 1924IL, USA F50878

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