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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barlow, Angelina Adelaide  1854OH, USA I026176
2 Brickel, William  Abt 1879OH, USA I142650
3 Brown, E.   I120933
4 Brown, M.Y.   I120931
5 Case, Evaline  1845OH, USA I113528
6 Charlebois, Louis  Abt 1869OH, USA I007889
7 Charlebois-Sherwood, Della  21 Oct 1877OH, USA I035380
8 Charleswood, Emma  Abt 1861OH, USA I113501
9 Charleswood, Flora A  5 Dec 1859OH, USA I113499
10 Charleswood, Grace  29 Sep 1875OH, USA I113509
11 Charleswood, Sheridan G  28 Jul 1867OH, USA I113504
12 Christy, Alice  Abt 1880OH, USA I116095
13 Christy, John Nelson  Abt 1843OH, USA I116091
14 Cook, John J  Abt 1854OH, USA I115108
15 Cook, William  Abt 1857OH, USA I115109
16 Daoust-Doe, Joseph  Jul 1894OH, USA I148965
17 Decoeur, Modeste  Abt 1878OH, USA I123928
18 Desnoyers, Victor E  Nov 1866OH, USA I138678
19 Desnoyers, Willis Lincoln Sr  8 Jan 1870OH, USA I138679
20 Elliott, Candace M  24 Feb 1852OH, USA I131169
21 Elliott, Lydia B  Abt 1853OH, USA I131182
22 Elliott, Mary C  Abt 1851OH, USA I131181
23 Frappier, Daniel K  21 Oct 1873OH, USA I116076
24 Greenleaf, Betty  22 Feb 1919OH, USA I082375
25 Hammer, Feliz Grundy  18 Feb 1808OH, USA I145561
26 Hatfield, Lois  Jun 1885OH, USA I113521
27 Hatfield, Pearl May  Feb 1883OH, USA I113520
28 Herrick, Darwin  27 Feb 1899OH, USA I113513
29 Herrick, R.   I120934
30 Herrick, R.B.   I120932
31 Herrick, Xavier F  6 Apr 1896OH, USA I113514
32 Hopper, Rouse Leonard  15 Mar 1888OH, USA I113507
33 Hull, Julie Elizabeth Ellen  Abt 1843OH, USA I068931
34 O'Connor, Thomas H  Abt 1887OH, USA I142652
35 Post, Russell E Jr  Abt 1889OH, USA I120928
36 Post, W.H.   I120929
37 Quiggle, William H  Abt 1864OH, USA I145575
38 Reicheldefer, Selena  7 Jul 1861OH, USA I113505
39 Rupert, Rosetta  30 Apr 1837OH, USA I113518
40 Seibel, W.C.   I024310
41 Treesh, Samuel  24 Sep 1841OH, USA I113527
42 Unknown, Electa J  3 Dec 1848OH, USA I131146
43 Unknown, Elsie  Abt 1895OH, USA I112271
44 Unknown, Isabella  Abt 1846OH, USA I056676
45 Unknown, Julia  1862OH, USA I131092
46 Unknown, Pauline  Abt 1882OH, USA I143097
47 Wallace, Calista Ann  20 Aug 1842OH, USA I026700
48 WALLACE, Martha Elizabeth  9 May 1847OH, USA I000221
49 Wallace, Mary Eliza  7 Mar 1844OH, USA I026701
50 WALLACE, Phebe Janette  14 Sep 1822OH, USA I000217

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Charlebois, Adelaide  11 Oct 1906OH, USA I003587


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Philabaum / Allion   F03222

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