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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Berkman, Pauline  11 Jul 1922Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I135314
2 Brabant, Francis Augustus  3 Aug 1867Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I100115
3 Brabant, Joseph Henry  27 Jan 1856Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I100112
4 Brabant, Lucy  7 Nov 1864Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I100114
5 Carpenter, Josephine  20 Oct 1867Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I119776
6 Carpenter, Matilda  20 Feb 1869Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I119777
7 Carpenter, May  Abt 1877Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I066498
8 Charlebois, Adelaide Lydia  28 Dec 1854Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I003667
9 Charlebois, Agathe Philomene  18 Feb 1873Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I003677
10 Charlebois, Albert Olivier  6 Aug 1868Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I003675
11 Charlebois, Alphonso J  17 Sep 1861Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I068574
12 Charlebois, Amelia Virginia  27 Aug 1857Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I003683
13 Charlebois, Amelia Zoa  30 Mar 1858Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I003669
14 Charlebois, Amos  17 Feb 1877Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I003679
15 Charlebois, Angelic Bertrand  17 May 1875Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I003678
16 Charlebois, Anthony  23 Sep 1859Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I003684
17 Charlebois, Augustus Antoine  23 Jan 1872Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I003676
18 Charlebois, Brice James  13 Jun 1899Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I068579
19 Charlebois, Catherine  1858Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I087959
20 Charlebois, Earl Edward  1 Jan 1913Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I082747
21 Charlebois, Edmond Edward  23 Mar 1868Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I003688
22 Charlebois, Edna  1901Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I068580
23 Charlebois, Edna M  27 Jun 1904Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I109460
24 Charlebois, Edward  27 Feb 1853Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I109458
25 Charlebois, Edwin Georges  11 Apr 1863Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I003672
26 Charlebois, Eli Jr  29 Aug 1869Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I003689
27 Charlebois, Elias Edmond  2 Apr 1854Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I003682
28 Charlebois, Elisabeth  10 Jul 1863Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I003685
29 Charlebois, Ellen  26 Aug 1865Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I003686
30 Charlebois, Frank L  8 Oct 1882Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I110436
31 Charlebois, Georgianna L  7 Oct 1911Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I109461
32 Charlebois, Harriett Louise  3 Dec 1866Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I003674
33 Charlebois, Helene Madeleine  17 Sep 1859Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I003670
34 Charlebois, Howard A  29 Sep 1891Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I068576
35 Charlebois, James Augustus  29 Dec 1917Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I109462
36 Charlebois, John  11 Sep 1855Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I068554
37 Charlebois, John Philippe  17 Feb 1877Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I003680
38 Charlebois, Joseph Mathias  21 Dec 1865Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I003673
39 Charlebois, Joseph Wellington  13 Feb 1878Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I003691
40 Charlebois, Lucile Agnes  30 Aug 1896Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I109588
41 Charlebois, Margaretta Alta  Mar 1897Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I068578
42 Charlebois, Mary Agnes  25 Aug 1866Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I003687
43 Charlebois, Mary Matilda  10 Mar 1861Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I144205
44 Charlebois, Mary Philomene  1 Dec 1851Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I003665
45 Charlebois, Mathias  21 Jan 1853Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I003666
46 Charlebois, Peter Stanislas  8 May 1900Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I110400
47 Charlebois, Reinetta  Aug 1893Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I068577
48 Charlebois, Sally E  3 Jan 1933Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I110407
49 Charlebois, Sophia  21 Jul 1861Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I003671
50 Charlebois, Wellington Lewis  15 Aug 1856Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I003668

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bertrand, Elisabeth  7 Jan 1911Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I003681
2 Bougret-Dufort, Ralphael Louis  13 Dec 1873Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I138968
3 Brabant, Maria Anna  1942Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I100113
4 Carpenter, Cyril William  1 Aug 1905Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I002728
5 Carpenter, Louise A  1939Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I119779
6 Charlebois, Alphonso J  1935Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I068574
7 Charlebois, Amelia Virginia  4 May 1921Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I003683
8 Charlebois, Amos  18 Feb 1877Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I003679
9 Charlebois, Anthony  1929Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I003684
10 Charlebois, Antoine  25 Apr 1865Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I003554
11 Charlebois, Edmond Edward  8 Jun 1882Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I003688
12 Charlebois, Eli Jr  21 Feb 1947Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I003689
13 Charlebois, Elias Edmond  1865Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I003682
14 Charlebois, Elias Elie  25 Sep 1910Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I003579
15 Charlebois, Elisabeth  1925Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I003685
16 Charlebois, Ellen  1865Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I003686
17 Charlebois, Georges E  1876Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I003690
18 Charlebois, Joseph Wellington  8 Jun 1882Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I003691
19 Charlebois, Lewis William  19 Mar 1939Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I068555
20 Charlebois, Margaretta Alta  1944Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I068578
21 Charlebois, Mary Agnes  1935Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I003687
22 Charlebois, Mathias  1 Jul 1863Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I003666
23 Charlebois, Reinetta  3 Jun 1912Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I068577
24 Charlebois, Sherman A  1 Jun 1891Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I113589
25 Fitzgerald, William H  9 Feb 1933Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I109476
26 Leyare, William A  10 Aug 1896Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I131562
27 Leyare, William John  27 Aug 1927Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I082461
28 McCann, Anna  23 Aug 1943Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I068575
29 McCombs, Harriet E  20 Feb 1875Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I109895
30 Rusho, Jasper C  18 Mar 1950Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I109478
31 Seymour, Lucy  5 Nov 1905Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I098047


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Lalonde, Rose  23 Oct 1907Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I110448


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Charlebois, Harriett Louise  3 Dec 1867Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I003674
2 Charlebois, Olive  Abt 1867Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA I144206


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Austin / Charlebois  15 Apr 1888Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA F44484
2 Ayerst / Carpenter  12 Jun 1901Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA F26492
3 Bailey / Charlebois  8 Jan 1889Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA F44483
4 Charlebois / Bertrand  31 Dec 1850Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA F14700
5 Charlebois / Bertrand  27 Jun 1853Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA F14701
6 Charlebois / Reed  27 Jun 1903Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA F44085
7 Charlebois / Riley  30 Oct 1895Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA F26555
8 Elk / Charlebois  5 Jul 1927Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA F45842
9 Hayden / Charlebois  24 Jan 1888Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA F44092
10 Leyare / Thibault  10 Jul 1895Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA F26493
11 Loveland / Charlebois  2 Jul 1901Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA F44314
12 Marshall / Paige  1922Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA F45838
13 Whitney / Charlebois  13 Nov 1878Clayton, Jefferson, NY, USA F14431

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