Joseph KEYS, Sr

Male Abt 1720 - 1808  (~ 88 years)

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  • Name Joseph KEYS  [1, 2
    Suffix Sr 
    Born Abt 1720  Oil City, York, PA, USA Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Gender Male 
    Fact Joseph Keys was reported to have been found as a small child placed onthe door mat of a man's house somewhere in PA, USA 
    Reference Number 212 
    Died 10 Apr 1808  Deep Creek MM, Yadkin, NC, USA Find all individuals with events at this location  [1
    Buried Abt 10 Apr 1808  Deep Creek MM, Yadkin, NC, USA Find all individuals with events at this location  [1
    • Military Revolutionary War Private from NC
      Source: DAR PATRIOT INDEX - Centennial Edition
      Benjamin birth page 977, marriage to Elizabeth Bend page 973, death p age 977

      Daniel birth page 977, marriage Winchester Court House, Tombstone, White River Meeting, Indiana to Susannah

      Joseph Keys was reported to have been found as a small child placed on the door mat of a man's house somewhere in Pennsylvania. Some keys on a string were hanging around his neck. Hence the origin of the name Keys. 1


      1.Abbrev: Heiss Transcription
      Title: Randolph County, Indiana, Pioneer Quaker Families
      Author: Willard C Heiss transcription

      Keys Family

      From Randolph County, Indiana, Pioneer Quaker Families by Willard C. Heiss. Reprinted by permission of Mrs. Willard C. Heiss.

      Transcribed from a typewritten copy and noted exactly as shown in the copy before me. Notes in italics are mine. Notes in parenthesis belong to Mr. Heiss.

      Paula Bailey

      Antioch, CA

      November 12, 1994

      Partial transcription from:

      Keys Family in Randolph Co., Indiana, Compiled by W. C. Heiss, Indianapolis, Indiana

      (Reminiscences of Joseph Keys)

      State of Indiana Randolph County, this the 25 day of March 1897

      I, Joseph Keys, one of the Fourth generation of Keyes, set down to wright A Small history of the generation To leave for the yong and rising generation
      That they may be furnished with some knowledge of their Ancesters

      Chapter 1st

      Granson of the first Joseph Keys often heared His grandfather say that he did not know that he ever seen any of his Relatives As to his parentage nothing defanite is Known
      He said it was reported that he was found when a Small child placed at the Door of a Man's House in some Town in Pennsylvania State with some keys on a string around his neck (hence the Origen of the name Keys) and when he left the man to whome he was bound he Married Rebeka Mullen whose parents came from Ireland he assisted for some Years to Attend as a hired hand to a ferry boat man a cross the susquhahannah River

      page 2

      In that State then him and his family and an other man and his family moved in one waggon to the State of North Carolina and settled in the woods in Orrange county near a stream called Cane Creek a branch of Haw River and that a branch of Cape Fare River about seventy miles a bove Fayette Ville on the latter River he made a considerable farm on good land and being a Good farmer he made a comefortable living he and his wife raised one sone and Six Daughters namely, Mary, Rebeca, Jane, Ruth, Ester, Joseph and Lydia

      He got a long there for some time without much worthy of notice Excpt getting his leg broken by his loaded cart turning when halling his harvest in untill the Revolutionary wore. His house being near a verry Publick Road he was much imbarited in Getting along with worldly concerns in Haveing all his Horses that would suit the Soldiers taken from him and Some fat cattle Drove off His gransone Benjamin P Keys when yong recollect his Granfather relating a circumstance that took place in his house

      page 3

      In the time of the wore on night after dark too not verry good looking men entirely strangers well armed come and spoke at the Door he asked them to come in and offered them seats they Sat down and placing their guns between their knes with The britch on the flore he directed his wife and Daughters to prepare supper for them while he entetained them with pleasant Conversation

      when Supper was prepared he invited them to the table they went and Sat down placing their guns as before and letting them rest against their breasts and shoulders while the eat after eating they arrose from the table holding their gunes in one hand one of them Steped and took holt of a piece of property with his unoccupied hand the other man Shook his head at him they then took their chairs after Setting the one arrose and took holt of property again, the other shook his head again he sat down and setting awhile they told him they had come to rob him and to him they said you are so good we cant rob you and arrose from their seats and went off and he said he did not know that he ever seen them again.

      page 4

      Now as to a discription of him he was under common hight verry straight when standing broad across the Shoulders heavy set though not burdened withe flesh good mussels Stout and Active when in the prime of life straight face and midling long straight nose with fare skin and blue Eyes of good intellect and rather past common quick apprehension and Sound in judgement

      Could bare considerable before the pashion of anger would have much effect on him but when he did get raised he was pretty severe. His wife was bout common hight middling heavy set, round shouldered midling long roman face with long roman nose with what is caled dark skin and black hair a good manager in the house a good dairy woman in making Butter and a hasty temper

      After the Revolutionary wore come to a close he solde his land there and moved neare one-hundred miles west on the south west side of the Yadkin River and purchased between four and five hundred acors of land with a small improvement on it near the north fork of Deep Creek in Surry County four miles a south westward direction from Rockford on the Yadkin River it being a newly settled country, there was a good range and plenty of game

      page 5

      He after some time he and his wife and their sone and yongest Daughter applyed for and obtained a right of membership in the Society of Friends which he supported as long as he lived

      after he had made a farm so as to justify building he had to pay money to git his buildings maid he being limited in knowledge of any mecanical buisness he got along through time with out much worthy of notice until his wife Died who died without sickness She had been complaining some four five or six days she was able to be about in the house she eat near a common meal not more than three hous before she Died She was intered in friends burying ground at Deep Creek meeting house in Surry County North Carolina

      He then sold most of his personal property and took his sone and family in his house who lived with him as long as he lived and as before stated he was a good farmer he was also a good manager and honest hard working man was carefull to have his money that he had on hands that he did not expect to need in a shart time at interest Stood fare as a Citizen and respected in the circle of his acquaintance and times soliseted for his judgement

      page 6

      In difficult matters amonst his neighbors

      He was Eighty Eight years and some months old at the time of his death agreable to the account given him of his age at the time he was bound

      the respect manifested and the kindness as a child extended to him particularly in his decline by his daughter in law Caused him to feel thankful

      He was declining for near one year about three of his last months he was confined to his house and room a part of the time to his bead

      a verry bad cough suffered much for about Forty Eight hours before he died but was favored with his perfect senses until near the last

      he was intered in friends burying ground at Deep Creek meeting house by the side of his wifes grave

      his literary knowledge being verry limited his gransone B P Keys was heared him say that after he was a man of a family he Studied by the light of the fire by burning pine knots and learned so as to keep his account book in a way that he could understand it and to keep a family record but that record was not brought to

      page 7

      The State of Indiana when his sone moved there many years after his death hince the exact date of the time of his death is not to be obtained at this time

      This concerning Joseph and Rebecca Key's Children and who they married

      Mary Keys, married William Bolton and after his death She married Michel Box

      Rebaca Keys married John Noblet and after his death She married William Meredith

      Jane Keys married John Murry

      Ruth Keys married Dempsy Hunnicut

      Ester Keys married Barney Murry

      Joseph Keys married Mary Pigott and after he death he married Ruth Marshall widow of Joseph Marshall and Daughter of Simeon and Bridgett Hadley

      Lydia Keys Married Dennis Mullen and after his death She married John P. Cobb

      page 8

      Chapter 2nd

      Joseph Keys sone of Joseph and Beca his wife was born the fifth day of the fourth month in the year seventeen hundredn and sixty nine in Orrange County in the State of North Carolina four or five miles East from Cane Creek Meeting house of friends His fathers land lying on the north side of this said cane creek and the improvement extendeing south to the creek where he lived until he was sixteen or seventeen years of age when his Father Sold his land there and moved near one hundred miles west and located himself near the north fork of Deep Creek in Surry County and sate aforesaid three miles north west from Deep Creek meeting house of friends it being what is called a new country. people and perticular those of friends society ware but thinly settled and it was his lot to locate where his nearest neighbor was of the Roman Catholic profession and verry zellous to live and raise theire children accordingly to that faith he became verry intimately acquinted with one of his neighbors sones that was of his own age and they ware much in each others company in hunting and other recreation

      page 9

      His associate being verry carefully instructed in the way his parents believed and the yong man feeling very near attaached to each other had a tendency to draw his mind to view that profession in some what of favourable light but in one or too years after his neighbor moved away then he made a new acquaintances and attended friends meetings more than he had done before and feeling more peace and solid
      Satisfaction of mind in being in company with friends and attending that Society which was granted and he was a pretty regular attender of meetings ever after that. friends there at that time had only a meeting for worship and a preparative it was a branch of Deep River monthly meeting a distance of fifty five miles from there which caused considerable of traveling to attend his monthly meeting but it was not many years untill friends believed it right to grand friends in that settlement the privelidge of holding a monthly meeting among the Selves

      page 10

      He was married to Mary Piggott the twelfth day of the ninth month in the year Seventeen hundred and ninety three Daughter of Benjamin and Mary Pickett Benjamin Pickett come from the State of Pensylvania when single and maried Mary Hadley daughter of Joshua and Patience Hadley and located him self about four miles north of cane creek meeting house of friends on a small creek called Rock Creek in Orrange county North Carolina he owned good land and was an energetic man in buisness and accumulated considerable in his time by farming and cooper by trade but his loss was grate in having much of his personal property taken from him by the soldiers in time of Revolutionary wore

      and as to a discription of him he was not as high as a common man midling heavy set round sholdered with fare skin and yellow hare he was fare and affible in his manners easy to be approached by strangers in conversation rather of a jokey disposition and of a mild temper a servicable man

      page 11

      In Society stood a part of his time in the Station of an Elder

      His wife was not common hight verry industrous carefull woman and respected in the circle of her acquaintances but of rather an indipendent sentiment they raised nine Children, Namely as follows-

      Joshua Pickett married Sarah Davis daughter of Joseph and Hannah Davis of North Carolina handwritten above the names Joseph and Hannah are the names John and Mary with initials appearing to be T.L.M or L.L.M.

      Patience Pickett married John Cox and Settled on the Land Olinthus Cox now ons near White River in about 1820, and raised a family of seven children of which Benjamin the Quaker Preacher was the oldest one of the family their posterity is newmerous

      Margery Pickett married Jeremiah Cox who came from North Carolina and stopped at Richmond, Ind one of the first settlers there staid there a few years then come to White River

      page 12

      In the year (182?) and Put a Mill up and Built a fine house for that day halling the material from Richmond the house is still standing one mile south of Harisville Jericho derive its name from Jerey Cox

      Elizabeth Pickett married John Whealer and after his death she married Zachariah Shugart As to Elizabeths Family I am not acquainted

      Mary Pickett married Joseph Keys of Surry County, he had moved from Orrange County when about Sixteen years oald. but went back and married in the year 1793.

      John Pickett maried Rebeca Woody and dyed in North Carolina after his goods was loaded to come to Ind Some of the boys drove the teem and their mother walked nearly all the way She was the Granmother of W C Pickett and number of others

      Hannah Pickett maried Charles Davis and moved to Hamilton County Ind and to their family I am not acquainted handwritten on copy, son of John and Mary Davis

      Page 13

      Benjamin Pickett Married Ruth Davis daughter of the aforesaid Joseph and Hannah Davis. Benjamin and Ruth raised ten children of which a newmerous generation scattered far and wide. after Ruth dyed he maried Ruth Bowles whos maden name was Ruth Hockett and after her death he maried Morning Osborn whose made name was Chamness

      Ruth Pickett maried Nathan Hornaday and last account lived at West Elkton

      This Mary Pickett that maried Joseph Keys Departed this life on the seventeenth day of the second month in the Year 1820, in Surry County North Carolina She was a very kind and effectionate woman

      She served as Clerk of Quarterly and Monthly meetings for a number of Years at Deep Creek...


      (The above account by Joseph Keys stops as above indicated. This book now 1954 is in the possession of Lloyd Keys of near Winchester, Ind. wch - Indianapolis.)


      Transcriptions of the Keys Family Bible.


      Quarter Sessions & Common Pleas Court Randolph County, N. C.

      February 1799

      Whereas ordered August 1798 court

      " that Charles Kees should pay to

      Rachel Pickett _ 15 for maintenance of

      a bastard child"


      (note - a Nancy Kees had had a "base born" child

      about a year earlier.)
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  • Sources 
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    2. [S0051157] Keys Family Bible, The Bible of Benjamin Keys and Elizabeth, his wife., (Compiled by W C Heiss).

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